With people communicating in so many ways, how do you keep up?


ParentLink Suite™

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What is ParentLink?

ParentLink is a system that provides a powerful communication platform with a full range of options to meet the unique needs of your District.  From emergency messaging, to custom messages, language translation, and surveys, ParentLink gives your schools a proven, easy-to-use tool that gets information to the people who need it, when it’s needed.

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Our Vision

ParentLink has been partnering with thousands of administrators and teachers all over the country for many years. Our experience, along with that of our educational partners, shows that parental involvement has a strong influence on student achievement.

That’s what we do at ParentLink. We provide you with the tools and expertise to improve student achievement, increase attendance, and involve the community—all through better communication.

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The Difference

We believe that effective communication can vastly improve the school experience for educators, parents, and students, and have designed the best school-to-home communication solution available. As a result, ParentLink is used by four of the ten largest school districts in the country.

Every week, educators all over the country use ParentLink to securely send millions of messages to students, parents, and the community. ParentLink offers an easy to use interface. In a few simple steps, messages can be sent via web portal, phone calls, emails, SMS text messages, printed letters, and fax messages. Administrators can select from hundreds of pre-recorded messages that come with the ParentLink system, in multiple languages. ParentLink helps educators improve parental outreach efforts and enjoy the benefits of increased student achievement.

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The Movement

ParentLink has worked with districts across the nation to take their community engagement to the next level.  Call today to learn how your district can take advantage of our twenty-year history.

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